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    NASA Ames Research Center, CA
    June 22-23, 2004


    Contributed papers, prior to the workshop

    The results of the meeting need to be summarized in a white paper for future policy decisions. Our goal is to shape this report by collecting brief 2-5 page contributed papers that are to be submitted as extended abstracts prior to the meeting. Those papers will be made available through this website as .pdf files in a science archive and will later be published in a technical report. A template MSWord file (and example paper) is provided here.

    Whitepaper, following meeting

    From this, an executive summary will be prepared that will also contain the ideas and topics put forward at the workshop. At the meeting, we will distribute the writing assignments for each topic. This summary report will be made available on this website for review and additional comments, before being presented to NASA HQ -- hopefully by late 2004.

    This product should lay out the scientific rationale for future use of the Upper Deck as a Research Facility. The program plans to review this output and determine its position regarding the facility and, if acceptable, lay out an overall plan to proceed.